Serving Ware

Every occasion that brings family and friends together is a reason to celebrate. Take a look at some RustBelt Origins pieces sure to elevate the gathering and create new memories.

Serving Plates

Slate platters are ideal for serving bread, small bites, or drinks. With nearly unlimited possibilities for personalization, slate platters are a memorable gift or a little something for yourself. Our slates are 8×12 with rubber feet to protect your tabletops. We seal them with food safe mineral oil and a damp cloth will keep them looking new, no matter how many parties they attend.

Once Upon a time
Old Fashion

Slate Serving Trays

These trays are the perfect companion to our slate platters.  Measuring 12″ x 16″, these trays make a grand holder for a charcuterie display, fruit platter, veggie tray or, well use your imagination. The large surface can accommodate everything from a simple monogram to a large image of your choice.  Just like our serving plates, we seal these with food safe mineral oil and the rubber feet will keep whatever you set them on safe.

laisse les 2
Carcuterie Scaled

Ceramic Plates and Platters

If you are looking for a truly meaningful gift that will bring joy for many years, look no further. Of all the gifts I have given my wife over the years, the ceramic plate engraved with her mom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe written in her dad’s handwriting is by far her favorite. These plates are more than just serving pieces, they are memories.   Your family recipes, your favorite photo, your child’s diploma, virtually any document, can become a lasting treasure at every gathering. All that is required is a high-resolution scan and we will take it from there. 

Cookie Tray 1
Cookie Tray 3