Looking for a memorable gift to commemorate a major life event? Someone getting married, someone getting un-married, someone graduated college, someone has something to celebrate or commiserate? Whatever the occasion, alcohol related items are always welcome gifts. Check out our selection below.

Slate Coasters

Slate coasters are a durable way to protect your tables, bar tops and counters. For a coaster that will make them smile, we can engrave a favorite place, personalized monogram,  a favorite saying, or a cherished photo. Our 4×4 slate coasters come with rubber feet to guard against scratching and are sealed to deliver a better engraving.

Ceramic Coasters & Trivets

Ceramic tile coasters and trivets don’t just protect your surfaces, they are an amazing medium for keepsake pictures. Images laser engraved on ceramic are permanently part of the tile and don’t scratch off. So memories of your home town, a favorite vacation spot or your best friend will always be with you. Our 4×4 coasters and 6×6 trivets all come with feet to keep your surfaces safe.

Wine Corks

We’ve heard rumors that some people don’t actually finish wine and save it for later.
While we’ve not met these people, they are out there. Our one-of-a-kind industrial wine corks feature gears encased in epoxy and make the perfect gift for wine-lovers.


Believe it or not, flasks can be traced back the stone age when our lesser-evolved predecessors would carry liquids in animal skins. Today, hip flasks come in handy, especially at cash bar weddings.  A flask is a great college graduation gift or a perfect thank-you for your wedding party. From a simple monogram to quoting a toast, a custom hip flask is a time honored present.